Helping Forsyth County children succeed in school takes every one of us, and helps us all.

Great Expectations, a community-wide initiative of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, works to ensure that children in Forsyth County, N.C. reach developmentally-appropriate milestones in the first five years, enter kindergarten ready to learn, and leave set for success in school and life. 

It's unacceptable that almost half our rising kindergartners—particularly those from financially-disadvantaged families—start school each year behind their peers in reading. We're working to foster equity and help every child—and ultimately our entire country—succeed. 

$1 invested in early childhood education = $8 back to society

The President's Report on The Economics of Early Childhood Investments



Great Expectations—Year One Update

To help more children thrive, we needed to do more and do it differently. 

El Buen Pastor

This grantee helps Latina mothers succeed by asking what they need.

Getting to Great

Our activation plan presents a strategy for success. 



Successfully changing outcomes for Forsyth County's youngest children and their families will require creative work at multiple levels. We need your help! We're inviting individuals and organizations to engage with us as thought partners, service providers, and more. 


AUGUST 27, 2016
El Buen Pastor Yard Sale
Come on out to buy and donate! El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services is currently accepting donations. 

Help Me Grow Community Conversation
Come explore the specifics of what the Help Me Grow system would mean for Forsyth County families and providers.


"Our collective efforts to help children succeed in school will positively impact the entire Forsyth community for generations to come."

Dr. Laura Gerald
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust