With such a large number of investments and partnerships supporting the work of Great Expectations, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust will ultimately look to MDC to track, measure, and report on the progress of Great Expectations grantees.

Research and Data Management

MDC will collaborate with all funded programs and agencies to ensure consistent data is gathered across programs. MDC and the Trust will explore opportunities to collect additional data—outside of what is required for grant reporting—to test research questions that provide information for decision-making at each phase of Great Expectations.

Outcomes Measurement

MDC will work with the Trust and Great Expectations grantees to develop an agreed-upon set of indicators to be used for measuring program progress against proposed outcomes and Great Expectations priorities. MDC will also work closely with grantees to ensure that each program understands what outcomes they are responsible for tracking and how to effectively collect data and measure progress. MDC and the Trust are also considering the development of a common set of outcomes for grantees, so that we can begin to develop a system of collective measurement of our progress.