Early Intervention and Health

Our learnings from Forsyth Family Voices reveal that too few children have access to the services they need, and too few parents are aware of the resources available to them. In particular, families shared that they need more information and education about services available for children with developmental disabilities or other special needs. While there are programs in place that develop strong relationships with families and provide ongoing connections to services, the eligibility criteria and length of service vary across programs, and the programs do not fully meet the need. 

We have taken some critical first steps toward building a coordinated early childhood screening and referral system, starting at birth, with a major investment in the Forsyth Connects universal home visiting program at Novant Health’s Forsyth Medical Center. Furthermore, we have invested in building a stronger information and referral system by supporting a planning process for Help Me Grow, a system that connects young children and their families with the services they need. We will continue to build on both of these efforts to ensure system-wide advantages and alignment, and we will invest in strategies that address the need for additional parent education about the importance of screening and the pathways to connect to available services, especially with the hardest to reach families.