Knowledge Development and Strategic Communications


Knowledge about early childhood is growing by leaps and bounds. If Great Expectations is to be successful, leadership and providers of early childhood initiatives and programs must stay current on emerging research and share with one another what we’re learning. To that end, MDC will support ongoing learning about early childhood development by sharing results from scans of emerging research and conversations with established experts in the field. MDC will also promote shared learning among providers through creation of learning networks (read more in Capacity Building) and elicit knowledge and perspectives from parents and caregivers of young children through a community assessment and development of a family engagement strategy (read more in Systems Development and Community Engagement).


MDC and the Trust will work to share information about Great Expectations, the children and families that the initiative seeks to serve, the programs that are funded, the outcomes achieved, and ways in which the public can become involved.  A public awareness effort will include:

  • An interactive gateway for Great Expectations via this website and other online communication tools
  • A coordinated media strategy
  • Outreach to develop a “network of supporters,” including parents and caregivers, key community stakeholders, government officials and policymakers, who can help spread the word about Great Expectations in their communities and among their constituents
  • Leveraging complementary local and statewide initiatives such as The Forsyth Promise K-Ready Collaborative Action Network and the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation's First 2000 Days campaign
  • Ties to national and regional efforts that have effective early childhood campaigns such as Ascend at the Aspen Institute and Too Small to Fail

Current Opportunities to Engage

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