Learn More About Grantmaking

In July 2015, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust publicly launched Great Expectations by releasing the Activation Plan and appointing MDC as its Activating Agency to move work forward on the ground. The Trust and MDC are currently focused on aligning areas of work and developing an approach to engage community members, potential grantees and parents. One set of grants has been awarded, and the Trust does not expect to make many additional Great Expectations investments until the summer of 2016. The Trust will be mindful of interim opportunities, to be addressed on a case-by-case basis, that may fill a gap or provide a pivotal service to the community’s youngest children and their families. For additional information on the agencies and programs currently funded through Great Expectations, visit Key Projects. Sign-up for the Great Expectations newsletter to receive updates, including announcements about the next funding cycle. You can also check the Trust’s website to learn more about the Trust’s grantmaking.