Our view: Paving the way for children's success

"Kate B. Reynolds is providing $1.7 million over three years for the program, and Forsyth Medical Center will provide up to 10 full-time nurses for the visits, beginning this summer after they’re hired and trained. The visits are available to any mother whose newborn is born in and lives in Forsyth County.

Organizers expect to serve at least 720 mothers during its first six months, and more later. Of the average 4,500 births in Forsyth County each year, about 80 percent of mothers, or 3,600, are expected to accept the service.

We tend to think that a mother’s instincts give her everything she needs to be a nurturing parent, but it’s not always so. Education, especially for first-time mothers, is essential. But it hasn’t always been available." Read more of the Winston Salem Journal Editorial board's opinion