photo by Nancy Sidelinger

photo by Nancy Sidelinger

Other Key Efforts

Through Great Expectations, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust has invested in many but not all of the community’s important early childhood initiatives and programs. Forsyth County is home to a number of efforts that are working to strengthen opportunities for young children and their families. Efforts included below are illustrative of significant collaborations that will contribute to improved outcomes for Forsyth County's youngest children and their families.  This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

Family Services

Family Services, Inc. envisions Forsyth County as a community working together to ensure that all families and children are safe, secure, and able to reach their full potential. Family Services provides professional services and firms partnerships with organizations in human services, government, education, the faith community, the arts and the private sector to expand access to needed services and to build a nurturing, sustainable community through multifaceted programming.

Based in Winston-Salem, NC
Robert J. Feikema, President and Chief Executive Officer

Universal Pre-K Initiative
The Universal Pre-K Initiative seeks to build support for a high-quality universal pre-kindergarten program in Forsyth County that supports children in all families, increases school readiness, targets educational investments at the earliest years when children are most receptive to learning, closes the achievement gap, improves public safety and health outcomes, and makes Forsyth County an innovative and supportive community for all of its residents. The Forsyth County Universal Pre-K Initiative Steering Committee is meeting regularly to develop a plan to build support, fund and implement universal pre-kindergarten in Forsyth County by 2020. 

the forsyth Promise

The Forsyth Promise is a community-wide cradle to career education partnership focused on ensuring every child in Forsyth County receives the best education possible and is fully equipped to thrive throughout life. By bringing diverse partners together to align our community’s efforts and resources, create shared solutions, and spread the most effective practices, The Forsyth Promise is working collectively to make sure every child succeeds in school, develops social and emotional skills, prepares for the changing world of work, and participates in civic life.

Based in Winston-Salem, NC                                                                                                   Sharee Fowler, Partnership Director 

K-Ready Collaborative Action Network                                                                                 Members of the K-Ready Collaborative Action Network collectively identify and promote evidence-informed best practices and the effective use of data, in order to support children, birth to kindergarten, and their families so that every child will have the skills needed to be successful learners. Participating agencies and individuals are working in teams focused on aligning current efforts and improving practices in the following areas: parent education and support services; transitioning children into Pre-K settings and Kindergarten successfully; and professional development opportunities for childcare providers.