Ways to Engage

Forsyth County parents

  • Sign-up for Great Expectations updates
  • Contact us to share information about existing forums where financially-disadvantaged parents and caregivers are in dialogue about the strengths and needs of their families and children

forsyth community

  • Sign-up for Great Expectations updates
  • Contact Family Services to get involved in Forsyth County's Universal Pre-K Initiative
  • Contact The Forsyth Promise to get involved in their Kindergarten Readiness Community Action Network
  • Contact MDC to get involved with Help Me Grow action planning process
  • If you work at a school, childcare, clinic, library, or nonprofit that primarily serves children from financially-disadvantaged families, join the First Book Marketplace to get access to free or low-cost books and other essentials for the children and families you serve
  • Refer families to opportunities for services offered through Great Expectations grantees; if you need help connecting with a Great Expectations grantee, contact us
  • If you’d like to support Great Expectations by donating, please visit any of the websites of the organizations involved to financially contribute to their work